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The Crowley ISD SubFinder System
For log in problems or questions, please contact the Substitute Office at 817 297 5218.

Your user name is your last name and your password is your CISD employee number.

Note: The new district website is

Teachers and paraprofessionals: Please review your personal information in WebConnect. It is especially important that your campus location and assignment title is correct. Contact your campus' HR Specialist to have any corrections made. Note that your certification information is not stored in the SubFinder system.

Substitutes: If you are having a difficult time finding jobs, here are a few suggestions.
  1. Be willing to work at any campus in any position. If you would like to change your campus/assignment availability, email Theresa Gonzales at
  2. Check for available jobs on the internet as often as possible. Jobs are often taken within minutes of being posted. Note: if someone else is viewing a job that is posted then the system will not permit you to view the same job at the same time. At any given time there could be as many as several hundred substitutes looking for jobs, too. Try checking late in the evening (staff often call in the night before when they are ill) or very early in the morning (6:00 a.m. or earlier).
  3. Speak to the person at each campus who works with SubFinder to let them know that you would be interested in prearraging jobs with them.
  4. When working at a campus, check with the individual who works with SubFinder to see if they have any open jobs that you might be able to take. You can "prearrange" with them at this time.
CISD appreciates our substitutes and their diligence in wanting to work. As a result we are filling a very high percentage of our posted jobs thus ensuring that our students have qualified substitutes in the classroom when their teacher or classroom aide is absent.

Thank you!